Friday, October 30, 2009

Trader Joe's Vanilla Almond Crunch Granola Bar

Another granola bar to review. This time it's from Trader Joe's and it's their "Vanilla Almond Crunch" flavor. I'm not sure if the vanilla was lacking or if it's just too subtle a flavor to really pick up, but I didn't really get any big hit of any flavor other than the typical granola/nut taste. It didn't taste bad but it didn't impress me much either. As far as granola bars go, this isn't the most convenient one to take with you somewhere. It's very sticky, which means your steering wheel or whatever you're carrying could get a little dirty, and it's not sturdy at all - mine were a little damaged just from being in the box I bought it in. It seems smaller than a Kashi TLC bar, but it also has slightly fewer calories (130).

Full nutrition information can be found here.


  1. ee i love your blog :) Food reviews are my favorite :)
    bummer that the bar doesn't taste as good as it sounds.

  2. It's a f***ing fantstic bar. Eating it right now. Refreshing almond goodness, vanilla and subtle honey goodness. AND.... The softness is bomb. Not so dry like typical granola bars.